Introducing The Staple Extractor™

Calling all carpenters, upholsterers, contractors, and crafty homeowners! Are you tired of the struggle and damage caused when removing those heavy-duty staples you applied using the full force of your air gun? If so, a solution is finally here, thanks to Mike, the inventor behind this product.

Introducing the Staple Extractor!

Mike had a goal: to create a tool that can remove high-impact staples regardless of the drive depth, which is exactly what Mike and the team at Davison did!

Using the extractor’s fine tip end, not only can you easily pull those high-impact low drive depth staples, you won’t have to worry about damaging the surface! But that’s not the only way you can use this invention!

In the end, Mike and the Davison team created a multi-tool that you can learn more about by watching the video above.  Mike chose to manufacture the tool and take it directly to market.  Although this inventor has not made a profit, Mike and the Davison team are excited to have created a tool that so many people can use to save time and effort on projects.

The only question remaining is where will this product be seen throughout the course of the product’s lifecycle?

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