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Pumpkin Cakelette Pan & Stencil

A Better Way to Make Pumpkin Everything

Davison Produced Product Invention: Pumpkin Cakelette Pan & Stencil

The Problem:

Pumpkin cookie cutters allow you to be creative with your fall baking, but they will only get you so far. What if you would like to make pumpkin-shaped cupcakes, breads or other tasty treats?

Davison's Better Way:

Our client, Joseph, reached out to Davison in an effort to help bakers everywhere be able to craft holiday-themed treats. We created the Pumpkin Cakelette Pan for festive bakers who want to wow their family and friends with pumpkin-shaped treats that not only tasted good, but looked good! With 12 cavities, it is easy to quickly make an entire batch in the flexible silicone pan. With a reinforced steel rim, each pumpkin treat pops right out and is ready to decorate with the convenient, included stencil that is licensed by Davison.

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  • Jo-Ann Fabrics

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