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8 Inch Square Pan – Mrs. Fields

A Better Way to Bake Cakes, Brownies and More

Davison Produced Product Invention: 8 Inch Square Pan – Mrs. Fields

The Problem:

Whether you’re baking a cake or brownies, you want to make sure that you, your family and friends can enjoy every scrumptious bite, but many cake pans leave a lot of that goodness stuck to the pan, even when you grease them prior to using them.

Davison's Better Way:

Packaging was designed for the Mrs. Fields 8” Square Cake Pan. The pan is made with non-stick carbon steel, so cake and brownies are sure to remain intact and the packaging was designed to communicate this to bakers everywhere, as well as fit the Mrs. Fields brand. The pan is an essential for anyone who likes to bake cakes and brownies.

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This package design was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.