Temperature Bear™

A Better Way To Care!

Davison Produced Product Invention: Temperature Bear™

Meet Arnold & Daphne, Inventors of Temperature Bear™!

Thermometer shaped like your baby’s favorite binky.

Clear cap keeps the thermometer dry & clean.

Advanced sensors give a fast and precise reading!

A Better Way To Care!

The Problem:

Caring for a sick baby can be a real challenge at times. They don’t feel well, and it’s uncomfortable, so they do their very best to tell us. Giving them medications or taking their temperature is challenging, making it more difficult for those caring for the baby.

Luckily, Inventor Arnold and Daphne experienced the same problem with his children. He thought there must be a better way, and he was determined to make it happen!

With the help of Davison, they created an innovative new product called the Temperature Bear™.

Davison's Better Way:

The Temperature Bear was invented for parents with young children, grandparents with infant grandkids, or pediatricians with fussy patients. This high-tech kid gadget allows you to seamlessly take your child’s temperature with a thermometer shaped like their favorite binky. The adorable bear features on the binky make temperature-taking time more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The Temperature Bear was crafted with child-friendly materials, and is battery operated. So no more thermometer charging, just simply change the battery when the power is running low. This gadget was also designed to be easily disassembled for a thorough cleaning, ensuring hygiene and safety for your little one.

The best part about this beary great thermometer has got to be the quick and accurate readings. They advanced temperature sensor ensures fast and precise temperature readings, helping you stay informed about your baby’s health with minimal waiting time.

Your baby’s health is a top priority, so take some stress off of temperature-taking and get the Temperature Bear, today!

Click HERE to watch a short video showcasing the Thermometer Bear in action!

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