Davison's Mission Statement

Core Values

  • Continuous improvement of our “A Better Way to Invent®” inventing methodology.
  • Being a pioneer – we will keep an open mind to the world of possibilities with an eye toward a future that we will help build.
  • Encouraging individual ability and creativity.


To experience the emotion of inventing, perfecting the innovation process and inspiring both people and companies to work together in bringing new ideas to market for the benefit of all.

Envisioned Future

B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): Become as well respected as Edison, Ford, Bell and Westinghouse in the process of going from idea to invention to product.

Vivid Description

We will create “the most efficient problem analysis to product design to finished product in a package that quickly communicates to the customer” process that the world has ever seen.

Where other companies have failed with innovations, we will succeed. Fifty years from now, the brand name Davison® will be as well-known as any other in the world and will signify innovation and quality that will rival the most innovative companies anywhere.