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Our Top 6 Women Inventors

For years, women inventors have paved the way for others. They work tirelessly to make a difference in an endless number of industries. Here are 6  women, that do more than create products, they build empires!

Madam CJ Walker was the first self-made millionaire. Sara Blakey, creator of, Spanx continues to grow as a woman inventor and business leader. Coco Chanel helped to make women feel strong, comfortable, and ambitious with the LBD, little black dress.

The next two women inventors featured in this audio blog received patents for their “home” inventions. These items can still be found today on store shelves. Elizabeth Magie, who created Monopoly’s predecessor The Landlords Game, was granted a patent in 1906.  Marie Van Britton Brown followed in 1969 with a patent for closed-circuit television.

Get ready to be inspired as you listen to the story of these 6 women who continue to pave the way for women inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Listen to hear:

  • Temple Grandin
  • Coco Chanel
  • Madam CJ Walker
  • Marie Van Brittan Brown
  • Elizabeth Magie
  • Sara Blakely