Photos and Videos of the Factory

America’s Largest Invention Factory

Inventionland… the place where ideas are built into real products… and dreams become reality. Impressive? Yes. Whimsical? Yes. Exclusive to Davison? Absolutely.

In fact, only Davison can offer inventors access to the 70,000 square-foot creative workspace where Creationeers work tirelessly to turn everyday ideas into real products. The landmark facility is the only one of its kind in the world and it’s been toured by clients, the media and the community. Newspapers have referred to Inventionland as a Disney-esque environment and one reporter compared Mr. Davison to Willy Wonka. Mike Lee of WQED Pittsburgh InSite calls Inventionland, “One of the most innovative places to work, anywhere!”

Take a few moments to get up-close and personal with the invention factory and you’ll soon realize that Inventionland is more than just a place….it’s a state of mind.

TV Coverage of our Factory

NBC Daily Connection
NBC Daily Connection: Inventionland (Disclaimer: There is a brief ad)
CBS Early Show
Inventionland Featured on CBS Early Show
Dave and Dave Tours Inventionland
WQED-TV's Dave and Dave explore Inventionland
WQED TV's Mike Lee Tours Inventionland
WQED TV's Mike Lee Tours Inventionland
Inventionland featured on German TV show, Galileo
Inventionland featured on German TV show, "Galileo"

Behind the Scenes Photos

Portions of the facility are not depicted to maintain proprietary trade secrets.