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Postal Portraits

Using stamped and mailed envelopes from yesterday and a BIC pen, Mark Powell has created a very detailed set of drawings.  This is a very clever means of sketching. Read more:  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/page/8/

Snack Size Crayons

  Okay kids, now you can officially eat your crayons! Consisting of dried bananas, marshmallows, bee pollen and wild sesame, these colorful treats can satisfy your hunger for creativity or a snack.

Color Theory

  Nice presentation for a pencil and notepad set. This comes from a website that has to be translated (for non-French speakers), so the image has to sell itself, which I think it does.

Graffiti Heaven

This sketchbook offers a compromise for all of the blight-ridden commercial building owners and street vandals who claim to have no other place for displaying artwork. Full-page spreads of New York City’s grimy cityscapes, abandoned...

Sketching Tutorials

For those of you who want to freshen up your rendering skills, or maybe just want a little help learning how to sketch, IDsketching  is for you. I followed along with this tutorial using Alias SketchBook Pro on my...

Check Please!

We have all heard the famed story of landing that big deal by sketching out an idea or invention on a napkin over lunch. For some of us, the sketching comes easily; just draw confident lines, work quickly and speak...