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Redefining the Golden Arches

McDonald’s in Japan has created a trio of luxury burgers in the ‘Quarter Pounder Jewelry’ series. Each of the burgers cost $10 that is, without making it a meal. Pineapple, bacon, Monterey jack cheese,...

Floating Workspace

One of the more satisfying things to see is a clean and clear workspace.  This streamlined, simple, floating work desk is a great example of a leg-less place to carryout your work. Source: http://www.botanistseries.com/products/minimal-wall-desk-rift-oak

Look Again

Do these logos look familiar?  Look again, because these famous logos have been switched with their famous competitors.  It’s a subtle swapping of some famous fonts and branded colors.  Who’s to say that you...

Skyline Coffee

This is a very cool coffee mug, made with a fill line that is the skyline.  I don’t know which makes it a little more interesting… the steam or the reflection. Source:  http://www.likecool.com/Skyline_Mug–Pic–Gear.html