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Rube Goldberg’s Bovine

Science is way cooler when shown, rather than read, and this is a great example of that. It only takes a ping pong ball and some plywood to illustrate the gastrointestinal system of a...

Modern-day Tree House

Everyone dreams of the perfect place to daydream, right?  Forget a tree house, take a look at this! This modern-day tree house has to be up there, considered as prime real estate for creative...

3D Printing Without Boundaries

This machine uses an articulating arm to create three-dimensional objects on any surface, independently of a build platform.  Using an innovative extrusion technology, it is to neutralize the effect of gravity during the course...

Refrigerator Art

This is literally refrigerator art, drawn right onto the door of the freezer.  I guess when you are creative, you just can’t help yourself! Source: http://www.easyoops.com/drawings-on-the-fridge


Now this is how you design a kitchen tool.  This small series of images shows how this egg separating whisk was designed, with simplicity and user interface leading the way. Source: http://www.apostrophe-ivandesign.com/design.php?proid=1

Props to Keyprop

Just when you think the market is over-saturated with hackneyed designs for smart phones, this pops up on Kickstarter. Designed to pop into the 3.5mm jack of your smartphone, this prop even stores on...

Replaceface Portraits

Replaceface makes you look twice, only to realize these portraits are not from many centuries ago, but created with the faces of modern day celebrities. SOURCE: http://society6.com/artist/replaceface