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Artist’s Work Paints a Beautiful Picture

Tyrus Wong, a 102-year-old artist’s work influenced the visual direction of Bambi in 1941. An exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco will be held to celebrate Wong’s work. According to...

Grate Business Card

Is this a business card, or a cheese grater? This is actually a business card that I would mind keeping in my wallet. Source: http://stocklogos.com/topic/bon-vivants-cheese-grater-business-card

Replaceface Portraits

Replaceface makes you look twice, only to realize these portraits are not from many centuries ago, but created with the faces of modern day celebrities. SOURCE: http://society6.com/artist/replaceface

Floating Workspace

One of the more satisfying things to see is a clean and clear workspace.  This streamlined, simple, floating work desk is a great example of a leg-less place to carryout your work. Source: http://www.botanistseries.com/products/minimal-wall-desk-rift-oak

Exceptional Christmas GIF(T)s

Instead of sending conventional holiday cards, consider stepping into the 21st century by sharing eccentric Christmas GIFs with your friends and loved ones. These animated holiday creations were curated by artist Ryan Todd and...

Peeling Posters

These 2 sided posters are clever in how they roll up to create a cone with a flavor inside. Source