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Shades of Brown

These wood grain matching power strips are a great way to blend your home electronics into your home décor. Made to camouflage the power strip, opposed to the bright white or dull black variety...

Away with Bottles

The theme nowadays is to rid people of bottles. Two prime examples are Vapur- a BPA free pouch with built-in clip, and Soda Stream- the home C02 station with Keurig style Soda Caps. The...

Felt Animals and Food

As with fashion, colors and materials change with the seasons on Etsy, and felt must be the next big thing! These felted items are popping up all over Etsy, and it’s barely even spring...

Replaceface Portraits

Replaceface makes you look twice, only to realize these portraits are not from many centuries ago, but created with the faces of modern day celebrities. SOURCE:

Sandwich Artists

Inspired by the works of Duchamp, Mondrian and Pollock, these sandwiches are real works of art.  Splattered, stacked and with all the dressings, can you figure out which ‘wich is which?