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Innovative Product Design

Precision Pen

Precision metal work and flawless videography unite in this short documentary about Alexandre Chappel, who creates a custom pen from scratch. Awesome! Copyright Davison 2013 Source:

Miniatures from Melbourne

These uniquely small, detailed jewelry pieces are handmade and stylized into everyday modern objects. These necklaces and earrings are made into fortune cookies, paper airplanes, and sandwiches to name a few. Very cool crafting!...

Wooden Knives

What a clever way to design a cleaver. These lightweight wooden knives are the work of FCRL [ ] and feature a sharp polished blade for precision cutting. It appears as if the...

Napkin Notes

This set of napkin themed coasters are a fun way to entertain.  Each coaster appears to be a hand-written note to self, but look closely and you can see they are printed coasters with...

Floating Workspace

One of the more satisfying things to see is a clean and clear workspace.  This streamlined, simple, floating work desk is a great example of a leg-less place to carryout your work. Source: