Sandwich Artists


Inspired by the works of Duchamp, Mondrian and Pollock, these sandwiches are real works of art.  Splattered, stacked and with all the dressings, can you figure out which ‘wich is which?

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Re-evaluating History

Innovators & Creators

Some mysteries of history have been explained, only to be rediscovered and reassessed in how or why they exist today.

The most recent debate is about the Statues of Easter Island, and how they may have been weeble-wobbled to where they rest today.

Seem unimaginable? Take a look at the video.
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High Flying Antics

General Design, Innovators & Creators

Sometimes you have to look twice to really see what you are looking at.  These flying super heroes are actually RC operated apparatuses that, when seen from a distance, appear to be superhuman.

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Mini Nano Case

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design, Product Innovation, Uncategorized

I can’t think of a smoother way to pop an iPod Nano out of your pocket.  This scaled down little black book case takes miniature to another level.

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Doggie Drawer DIY

Product Design, Product Innovation

creative design

davison creators puppy food

davison creators dog drawer

davison creators doggy drawer

What a clever way of storing pet bowels and it dispenses dog food.
This doggie drawer DIY keeps food concealed in it when man’s best friend isn’t snacking.


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