Monthly Archive: June 2012

Sandwich Artists

Inspired by the works of Duchamp, Mondrian and Pollock, these sandwiches are real works of art.  Splattered, stacked and with all the dressings, can you figure out which ‘wich is which?

Re-evaluating History

Some mysteries of history have been explained, only to be rediscovered and reassessed in how or why they exist today. The most recent debate is about the Statues of Easter Island, and how they...

Doggie Drawer DIY

What a clever way of storing pet bowels and it dispenses dog food. This doggie drawer DIY keeps food concealed in it when man’s best friend isn’t snacking. Source:

Put a Lid on It

Tupperware has nothing on these custom glass covers.  These organic glass covers, as specialized as they are, make a piece of art out of any food.  Sushi, cake and pastries have never had it...