Aura Cyclist Lights

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bicycle design

Riding a bicycle at night can be dangerous, but if you can become visually present, you can lessen the likelihood of an accident. Project Aura does this by not only illuminating the wheels of a bicycle, but also having a color change system to represent the speed of the rider. These should be standard on all bikes.

Project Aura: Bicycle Safety Lighting System from Project AURA on Vimeo.

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Drawer Décor

Designer Profiles, General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

This student created an entire line of drawer organizers — all made from customizable silicone mats. The dividers are made of the same colored silicone and are designed to keep utensils from rolling around and junking up your drawers.

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Hot Pot BBQ

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

product designConcealing a deck grill can be difficult, but with this Black + Blum Hot Pot BBQ, have no worries. Designed to conceal a functional grill, this terra cotta pot hides away a steel grate grill and tong set, perfect for your porch or deck. The top even has a place to grow herbs… Very clever, very cool.

kitchen inventionsgrilling product

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Chiseled Portraits

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statue design

This Portuguese artist has used decaying buildings as a canvas. Each portrait is chipped out of brick, concrete and stucco walls. The layers exposed create some really dramatic effects. What a great way to bring old, decayed buildings back to life!

unique art

unique portraits

innovative art

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Culinary Design: Cheese Shavings

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

The art of making food has gone to a new level. These chili, pesto and truffle flavored cheese sticks are designed to be turned like a pencil in a sharpener.

Each flavor can be seen as the ‘lead’ of the pencil, and the cheese is shown as the ‘wood’ of the pencil. What a very creative way to create a dish.
new food invention
kitchen products

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