Monthly Archive: May 2010

Food Package Design

Food-on-the-go doesn’t have to come in a wrapper. Take a look at this lidded container with nesting knife and fork set.  Seems to be a pretty unique way to take your meal with you on...

Look Again

Look once, keep walking, look back, keep walking. Can you see the face in the rails? Creative points for whoever found the time and technique to execute this artwork on the rails of a fence. 

Bright Books

What a creative way to brighten up a reading room. Maybe a wireless version is in the works; that would be a great way to bring your light to any space.

Novel Eraser

This eraser has 5 different widths to accommodate the line width of the paper you are writing on. Designed to be used in what could be called a dying art, handwriting, this eraser is none-the-less...

Art Imitating Life

These bowls were all cast in ceramic from real fruits and vegetables. Notice how not only the form was mimicked, but also the color. Nature truly was an influence on the work of the artist.

How To Travel In Style

  These handcrafted sets of luggage are distinctly designed and unique in a flooded market of travel bags. The curves, bends and drop-down doors offer one-of-a-kind travel luggage. It’s guaranteed you will not lose your bags in...