Innovative Kitchen Ideas

<img src= border=0><br>The Veggie-Peel<br>Your sink and counter stay clean because it contains the mess! Folding Silicone Funnel<br>Funnel stores almost flat to store in a drawer! <br><font color=B72626>Buy 2 & Save!</font>

     Jeweler in the Dishwasher<br>Sparkling jewelry—from the dishwasher!

   <img src= border=0><br>Cracker Keeper<br>Keep your crackers from getting crushed and stale!<img src= border=0><br>Baking Soda Caddy<br>You won’t knock over the baking soda box again!


All of the above items can be found on Solutions, an online megastore for innovative products around the house. This post, though, is all about nifty kitchen gadgets.

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