Combo Kitchen Gadgets

Combination gadgets never get old, and here are some new ones to make kitchen tasks a little easier.


Designed to cut through pizza and then flip sideways to dish it up with a flick of the wrist, this pizza cutter and spatula looks like it could even work its way through a dessert or two.

Soup and Sandwich Tray

Grilled cheese and soup never look so good as when they are sharing the same plate. This combo bowl and plate set is the perfect size for any soup & sandwich.

OXO Fat Separator

Combining a strainer and measuring cup, this fat separator helps to keep the flavor of gravy, soups and stock without the fat. Non-slip grip and see-through design are always useful when working in the kitchen.

kitchen knife

Grater, herb scoop, peeler, zester and knife all in one — this combo knife set does it all. Saving drawer space is smart design, and by using this tool, you can ditch those four other tools and save some valuable space.

5 in 1 Kitchen Utensil

This 5-in-1 utensil set combines a scraper, strainer, spreader, spoon and server made from reclaimed nylon. It even locks together for storing flat and has a 450-degree melting point.

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