Green Cup of Joe

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green coffee cup
I came across one of these ceramic coffee cups over the weekend while shopping with my family, and was completely tricked into believing it was a throw-away cup. Once opened, it even reveals a silicone sleeve, just like the cardboard ones that all of the fancy coffee shops wrap around your paper cup. The double-walled cup maintains the temperature of your beverage longer than any throw-away cup, however, and it doesn’t attract the awe of onlookers like other reusable cups and mugs that scream, “Hey, I am trying to save the world here, one cup at a time!”

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All In the Palm of Your Hand

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SEG clip

You are probably gazing at your screen thinking this is the next Apple product. You think this is a pre-pre-release image, leaked out to verify the latest rumor. Well, this just happens to be a TV tuner plug-in for your iPod Touch or PC. The Seg Clip, from Japan, for Japan, is due to come out later this month, in Japan. I hope this makes its way across the pond because it seems to be a cool idea for a low price of $70.

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Folding Bicycle

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I think it is so cool when people find ways to transform everyday objects. The inventor of this folding bicycle has found a way to condense the size of the bicycle into something that can travel indoors with you after you arrive at your destination. Way cool design!

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Safe and Secure Design

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This may look like an electronics device, but it definitely isn’t. It is a wallet that secures your personal items from being compromised electronically. RFID theft, or radio frequency identity theft, can happen without you even knowing. This clamshell of a storage space blocks any person who may try to grab your information from the Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards in your purse or pocket. Now you can forget about hackers in crowds electronically taking what is your’s.

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Post it on a Post

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post in notes
Memo block for those times you want to avoid memory block. A log of sticky backed notepad paper is a clever desktop product design.

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