11 Creative Advertising Designs


Floor of an elevator made to look like a 1,000-foot drop! I hope no one has passed out in this elevator.


Scale is everything when you are seeing this advertisement from above. From a distance, these people walking over and around this scratching dog look like fleas. 


Everyone dreams about what they would rather be doing; this advertisement shows how extreme that may be for some people.


Clever way to advertise “shark week” on a city bus. I bet it looks way cooler in person!


This vacuum billboard takes a second to get, but it is pretty good.


Nothing says “we sell jumbo muffins” like a car crushing advertisement set-up showing jumbo muffins falling from a billboard.


Awesome billboard idea, but too much white space leaves your logo left unseen.


Driving around the corner and seeing this skyline billboard would set you back. I love how advertisers are creating up exhibit designs to retain the attention of consumers.


Wow, now that is putting trust in the product you are advertising! 3M claims it sandwiched real money into this bus stop advertising campaign.


The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…


This is a clever way to seek out jobseekers at an ATM. This company has an entire ad campaign with miserable people shown ‘working’ in automated machines, like coffee machines and photo booths, as if they are actually inside.

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