Ergonomics gone wild

Product Design keyboard

ergonomic keyboard

As silly as this may seem, this keyboard is not far off from what we are offered as consumers. Human factors are less and less prominent in new design, if you ask me. The size, arrangement and texture of buttons are so awkward, when they should be intuitive to users. The Maltron keyboard configuration is no more far-fetched than the button array on any PDA, remote or cell phone that many of us have.

Irregular in placement, near impossible to access with ease, and more visually appealing than functional. Yeah, the button configuration is funny to look at but compare that short checklist to your cell phone keypad. Is it irregular in placement, near impossible to access with ease, looking cooler than working properly? Same thing with your remote controls.

Ergonomics play a large part in how we communicate between ourselves and our ‘things’, but the ‘things’ are winning. The user is at a disadvantage it seems these days when size trumps function, and ease of use gives way to visual appeal. Yeah, this silly design may seem funny to look at, but I don’t see it being far off from what you might find in your state-of-the-art electronics store. And after seeing this post, I imagine some manufacturer is saying “Yeah, let’s make that,” and some consumer is saying to theirself, “Yeah, I would buy that!”

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