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Tours of Inventionland

At Davison, we are very proud of our unique design facility. We offer an open invitation to schools, community groups and business leaders to tour Mr. Davison's greatest invention - Inventionland. This 61,000-square-foot inventing factory, known as "the world's most creative workplace," houses our exclusive process that makes inventing economical.

Here is a sampling of photos of some of the groups that have toured our inventing factory to see where innovative ideas are turned into tangible products on a daily basis. Young and old, students and professionals - all gaze wide-eyed when they pass through the secret entrance into Inventionland.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact us.

Watch the amazing reaction from a group of school children entering Inventionland


Bus brings students to Inventionland for a tour
Students ready to tour Inventionland
These students are eager to see Inventionland!
Students crossing the bridge at Inventionland
Students on the bridge at they learn about Inventionland
Students learn about Inventionland, and Davison's invention work
Students learn about Inventionland, and how Davison turns ideas into inventions
Group of students learning about Davison and Inventionland
Students listen as they are shown where ideas become products
Students listen as they learn how ideas become products at Davison
A young visitor explores some of Davison's invention ideas
Inventionland visitors view from above!
Young visitors exploring the wonders of Inventionland
Future Inventionland employees?
Invetionland really is a fun place!
Our visitors get an up close look at Inventionland
The bus arrives to bring more visitors to Inventionland
This group is enjoying their Inventionland experience
Young visitors get to see invention prototypes up close
Young visitors inside the walls of Inventionland
Young visitors experience the wonders of Inventionland
Our visitors learn how we turn ideas into products
He's enjoying his tour of Inventionland!
Learning about how Davison turns ideas into products
These students enjoyed their tour of Inventionland!
Students receive a guided tour of Inventionland.
"George Davison has a vision ... If there are no dreamers there are no inventors; if there are no inventors, nothing gets done."
- John Ratzenberger

Thank You Cards

"Please thank everyone at Inventionland for our fabulous tour. We were treated so well from door to door and our students and CHAPERONES were so very impressed and inspired!"
-Cathy Huth
St. Philip School