Our Exclusive Development Process

Davison is an industry leader in taking concepts and making them presentation ready for corporations. We have risen to this level through our exclusive development process, which revolutionizes how an idea is developed. Today, both corporations and individuals are utilizing this industry breakthrough.

Our development process, which adheres to a code of moral and artistic values, takes into account consumer needs and industrial needs to create new or improved products for possible licensing by corporations. We consider industry structures for production, material selection and pricing for every product we develop. The process is an industry first and is only available through Davison.

If you're an individual with an idea, you may want to consider several key questions:

If you feel hesitant to move forward on your own, know that we have all of the experience and ability to prepare and present your idea in a professional manner for you.

If you have a new product idea and would like to learn more about us, we recommend you fill out the free information form and we will send you information about how your idea can fit into our exclusive development process.

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