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From the start, Davison set out to become a notable new product development company. We strive to build the best possible products for our clients. Our goal is to push the envelope and drive our organization ahead. Take a look at our awards and recognition.

I.D. Magazine Design Awards
For the last 54 years, I.D. Magazine, "The International Design Magazine," has conducted an annual design review in the following categories: consumer products, graphics, packaging, environments, equipment, concepts, and interactive.

2012 - Surprise Pan IDSA Finalist

Surprise Pan Certificate and Letter
Surprise Pan - product idea developed by Davison

2008 - 360° Wrist Therapy Brace

Wrist Therapy Brace I.D Certificate and Letter
 360� Wrist Therapy Brace - product idea developed by Davison

2007 - Jack 'N Stand

Jack 'N Stand I.D Certificate and Letter
Jack 'N Stand - Invention Idea developed by Davison

IDSA Design Awards
Davison garnered three Industrial Design Excellence awards, cosponsored by BusinessWeek magazine and the Industrial Designers Society of America. We won two awards in 2006 and one in 1996, outshining several thousand products from corporations around the world.

2006 - The BikeBoard

BikeBoard IDSA Certificate
The Bike Board - Invention idea deveoped by Davison

Video at the Award Ceremony

2006 - Hover Creeper

Hover  Creeper Certificate
Hover Creeper - Invention Idea

Video at the Award Ceremony

1996 - Oil Filter Gripper

Oil Gripper - new product idea

Pittsburgh's Most Creative CRIB Award
Davison's Inventionland, a more than 60,000 square-foot, Disneyesque design facility, was prestigiously awarded the inaugural Creative Rooms in Business (CRIB) award by the Pittsburgh Technology Council at the ceremony's third-annual Design, Art & Technology Awards (DATA) held at the Pittsburgh Opera. According to Inventionland founder and CEO George Davison, the recognition, by the oldest and largest technology association in Northern America, is an extreme honor.

Steel Heart Award
In December 2006, Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, author of "Pittsburgh Will Steel Your Heart: 250 Reasons to Love Pittsburgh," nominated Davison's design facility, Inventionland, for a Steel Heart Award. The KEYGroup sponsored award is given monthly to local people or organizations that exemplify the attributes of the Vibrant Entrepreneurial Organizations program.

* Surprise Pan, Jack 'N Stand, and Hover Creeper are corporate products owned and licensed by Davison.

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