How To Squeeze A Lemon

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Press it, squeeze it or core it — there are so many ways to juice a lemon.  Here are a few of the ways you can be sure to get every last drop of juice from your citrus.

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Andy Warhol Would Be Proud of these Summer Products


Bodum, known for its innovative product design around the kitchen, has ventured outdoors. Onto the patio to be exact. This new line of FRYKAT picnic grills are as simple as can be, and they come in a variety of vibrant colors


These double walled ice buckets are an example of timeless product design, with a splash of color and a see-through design.



Tea For One, this all-in-one glass and strainer has just enough color to show off the product while displaying the tea inside.

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Breathable Baby Mattress Design

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Pebble, the breathable sleep surface by Nook, has got a really good thing going on. They have designed a soft, asymmetrical mattress surface with enough nooks and crannies to provide airflow for infants so you need not worry when you lay your baby down at night.

Named for the appearance of its functional, textured surface, Pebble is a very responsible design for parents everywhere. Oh, and it is washable, breathable, non-toxic and has a wool fire barrier, as well.

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Ding Dong

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ichimenew doorbell invention

Ding dong, iChime, the programmable door bell is here. Made to play any recorded sound or MP3 that you choose, you can customize any greeting you want. It even works as an automated door bell to sound when someone enters a home or business.

So the next time you hear the door bell ring, you don’t really have to hear the door bell ring.

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Incredible Invention

Prototyping, Upcoming Inventions

No need for words, just watch this video. 

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