The Butler

General Design

When I arrive home, my first instinct is to empty my pockets of the essentials that I need throughout my day- keys, phone, wallet. The Butler is a nesting place for these few things, holding them in place until you venture out again. As you push your iPhone through the slot, you slide out a concealed ledge, and convert the Butler to wall clock. What a very clever way to display your everyday essentials.


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Unique Underwater Inspired Lights

General Design, Photography, Product Innovation

Davison Creators - Jellyfish LightsDavison Creators - Jellyfish Lights 2Davison Creators - Jellyfish Lights 3

Does the frozen lull of the winter months have you yearning for a more tropical landscape?  Now, you can transform your interior into a serene underwater experience with these intricate jellyfish hanging lights.

Fabricated by Roxy Russel Design, these beautiful beasts of the deep sea are made out of eco-friendly materials such as translucent mylar.  So, while you admire your luminescent sea creature, you can rest assured knowing that a percentage of the profits are donated to the Ocean Conservatory.

There is just one question left to ask: “How long until summer?”

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Japanese Manhole Cover Art

General Design, Photography

These detailed manhole covers are more than just functional, they are accessories to the cultural and business districts of Japan.
These commissioned modern day art installations just might rival the stained glass pieces from centuries before us.


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Unconventional Unboxing

package design

Out of the box from Vitamins on Vimeo.

Unboxing can be exciting, but it shouldn’t be difficult. 

Look at how this cell phone was designed to be unboxed step by step.  Turn a page, make an action.  Turn another page, make another action.  Package design made smart and easy.

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Intergalactic Chocolate

General Design, Innovators & Creators, package design

Tour the universe, one bite at a time with these confections. Each smooth, flavorful planet is made with the finest of ingredients and is 100% edible. And the Japanese chocolatier who makes them even offers a criollo chocolate and pineapple sun for those who buy the complete set.

product design

food art

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