3D Photo Booth Brings Portraits to Life

Animations, Design Tools, Graphic Design

Japanese creative lab, PARTY hosted a unique pop-up photo booth exhibit called the Omote 3D Shashin Kan which captured people and their family portraits in 3D. This exhibition used 3D scanners and 3D printed technology to create the miniature figurines.

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Laser Cut Produce

General Design

A Spanish company, titled Laserfood, is rolling out a new use of a seemingly old technology.

Rather than peeling off traditional food label stickers from your product with markings like traceability information, business logos, and drawings, consumers can eat the markings being etched on the skin of the produce.

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What Are You Looking At?

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design, Product Innovation

TobiiRex VisualTobiiRex Graphic Representation

Technology takes computing to new heights with the world’s first gaze interaction computer peripheral for the consumer market.

Tobii REX is a highly anticipated technology that allows users to control the computer by combining eye gaze and other controls; such as select, scroll, zoom and navigate.

It is predicted that in a couple of years this technology will be mainstream; transforming the computing experience by making it more fun, faster and natural.

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Straighten Up with Technology

Photography, Product Design

Davison Creators - LUMOback3LUMOback2LUMOback1

Health and fitness gadgets were all the rage this year at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. One notable product was the LUMOback, which aims to improve your posture.

An electronic belt is worn around the waist and when you start to slouch it vibrates softly, signaling to straighten the lower back. Data collected throughout the day is sent to the accompanying mobile app, which reenacts your recorded posture via an animated character.

It’s a simple concept with huge paybacks and at $149 each you have nothing to lose, except maybe scoliosis.  :)

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Rubik’s Cube Robot

Innovators & Creators, Product Innovation

Forget having to remember the pattern to solve it the right way, or peeling off every sticker and putting them back on, just drop your Rubik’s Cube into the Cubestormer II. 

I can’t tell if this is a case of really good robotics, or really good CGI; but, I was impressed either way. 

See how the Cubestormer II works here or click on the image below! 

Innovative Technology

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