Designer Profile: Mike & Maaike

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product designerssimple designfunctional design

Mike and Maaike, a design studio out of San Francisco is putting out some decent modern designs—all of which are simple and functional. Their furniture designs are so simple, yet still elegant and the rest of their product designs are approached in the same manner. Take a minute to take a look.product design firmsmodern product designfurniture designorganized designfurniture designerssimple product design

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Storage Design: A Place for Your Winter Things

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 shoe storage design

It’s that time of year again for many of us who are always looking for the best place to hang a coat or put a pair of wet boots. I found some ideas for keeping your things off the floor, out of the way, and in the right place — some store bought, some DIY, but all good ideas! 

  storage productsumbrella storage

    unique product designnew product designsimple designcoat hanger designshoe rack design

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Unique Design: Fun With Food

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pasta whistle 

This pasta whistle is made of a penne pasta; looks like it would be fun to use before cooking it. 

kitchen inventions

This fruit display bowl is something of a modern-day cornucopia. Notice how it rests differently as the fruit is taken out.

innovative kitchen products

These anamorphic cup and saucer sets are awesome! 

kitchen gadgets

Place your fruits and vegetables on this pop-up display for a nice countertop arrangement before you peel and eat them.

 new kitchen inventions

These fancy plastic cup replica wine glasses are a tribute to the disposable party cups you normally find at an outdoor get-together. Odd to see them without their trademark red shell, though.

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A Simple Squeeze

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kitchen gadgetnew kitchen product width=

Ah, the kitchen gadget. As many readers know, I have a weakness for simple, colorful, specialized kitchen gadgets. This juicer is no exception. Vivid orange and clever in design, this Citrange helps extract the juice (without the seeds) right over the cup of your choice. 

creative kitchen gadgetinnovative juicer

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Simple Design: Sealing In The Freshness

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practical designsimple product design

After lifting a cap from a bottled drink, you don’t have a way to reseal it, as with a twist cap bottle.  For those of you who enjoy a local brew or specialty soda from a glass bottle, here is a little gadget for you to keep in your pocket at the next party. Beer Savers flex over the opening of a bottle to keep the contents fresh, while also helping to identify your drink. Cool and colorful, I’m sure I’ll see one of these somewhere this summer.

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