The Elements, Up Close & Personal


To some there may be nothing as dull as reading the periodic table of elements, so here is a visual guide to bring the elements to life!

A website ( ) has been created to show the elements in all of their beauty because, for most, they are only known by their location on the periodic table – or from their correct spelling through spell-check. Enjoy!

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Unique Underwater Inspired Lights

General Design, Photography, Product Innovation

Davison Creators - Jellyfish LightsDavison Creators - Jellyfish Lights 2Davison Creators - Jellyfish Lights 3

Does the frozen lull of the winter months have you yearning for a more tropical landscape?  Now, you can transform your interior into a serene underwater experience with these intricate jellyfish hanging lights.

Fabricated by Roxy Russel Design, these beautiful beasts of the deep sea are made out of eco-friendly materials such as translucent mylar.  So, while you admire your luminescent sea creature, you can rest assured knowing that a percentage of the profits are donated to the Ocean Conservatory.

There is just one question left to ask: “How long until summer?”

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A Bit of Butter Makes it Better

Design Tools, Photography


Using a peanut butter jar lid, this photographer has documented how to replace a broken camera lens hood.  Cool idea, good video, great editing!

(Source: YouTube)

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Staying Focused

General Design, Innovators & Creators

new products

product design

This is Lytro, the camera that lets you focus the photograph after you take the picture.  You can see from above, the detail is awesome when you get to choose which version you want, the foreground or the background detailed shot.

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Creative Contents

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Photography

photography designs

This collection of portraits, personal belongings and the people who carry them is very interesting. Each one of these photos tells a narrative — a story about what makes up a person. When you pack your bag or stuff your pockets each day to go out into the world, you take with you what you need to carry on. It is surprising what objects people deem to be worthy of travel.

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