Food Package Design


food on the go package design

Food-on-the-go doesn’t have to come in a wrapper. Take a look at this lidded container with nesting knife and fork set.  Seems to be a pretty unique way to take your meal with you on the go.

food package designplastic fork knife

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Package Design to Satisfy Your Hunger

package design

What a cute idea for packaging breads. It’s not printed in English, but there is no need for translation; this is cool packaging in any language.

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Beautiful Beverage: Drink Package Designs

Product Innovation, package design

Whether it is the use of the drink color, the material of the bottle or even the graphics of the labeling, these bottles are great examples of creative packaging.

glori juice drink package designlanjaron bottle designunique bottle designenvapack design green bottle designsoda bottle designpepsi raw bottle

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Oh, It Will Fit Alright – Package Design

General Design, package design

cardboard package design

Universal Packaging System, developed by Patrick Sung, claims to fit over just about any object. Utilizing pre-folded triangular segments, this corrugated cardboard chameleon’s construction will wrap its way organically or geometrically to custom fit odd-shaped items.

custom cardboard designnew ups packaging

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Corrugated LP Player

Product Innovation, package design

Cardboard Record Player Package Design Innovation

For those of you who don’t know what an LP sounds like, check this out. This cleverly designed vinyl record was packaged in its own record player. Pop out the record, unfold it, place the pin on the record and spin it to hear it. Ahh, so simple, so unique.

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