Redefining the Golden Arches

Product Innovation, package design

McDonald’s in Japan has created a trio of luxury burgers in the ‘Quarter Pounder Jewelry’ series. Each of the burgers cost $10 that is, without making it a meal. Pineapple, bacon, Monterey jack cheese, black truffle sauce, chorizo and avocado are some of the quality ingredients that are used to create these luxury burgers.

However, McDonald’s not only upgraded their food, they also upgraded their packaging. The fast food giant swapped their regular paper bag for a minimalist, white-glossy bag. On the front are the golden arches that are made of gold leaf to add to the indulgence of the experience.

In addition, each burger is wrapped in gold foil with a gold-colored paper sleeve and placed in a glossy white paper box that is reminiscent of a luxury-watch-box.

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Junk Food Clothing

General Design, package design

The package design makes the product sometimes, and this is one of those times.
Packaged in over-sized nostalgic frozen treat packaging, who could resist such a sweet line of clothing?


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Unconventional Unboxing

package design

Out of the box from Vitamins on Vimeo.

Unboxing can be exciting, but it shouldn’t be difficult. 

Look at how this cell phone was designed to be unboxed step by step.  Turn a page, make an action.  Turn another page, make another action.  Package design made smart and easy.

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Intergalactic Chocolate

General Design, Innovators & Creators, package design

Tour the universe, one bite at a time with these confections. Each smooth, flavorful planet is made with the finest of ingredients and is 100% edible. And the Japanese chocolatier who makes them even offers a criollo chocolate and pineapple sun for those who buy the complete set.

product design

food art

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Designing Gone Bananas

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation, Upcoming Inventions

unique product design 

Sometimes it is just fun to see a theme of products all modeled after the same object. In this case, a banana! Take a look at all the unique designs inspired by the physical appearance of this tasty fruit. Shoes, bikes and games – there is no limit to these designs going bananas.

packaging designproduct designcreative designinnovative design


bike design unique gadgetskitchen gadgets

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