Nike Patents Golf Club Technology

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nike golf patent innovation
Nike, the world’s largest producer of sporting goods, obtained a patent to put data-collecting sensors on golf clubs to improve personalization, according to Bloomberg News. reports that Nike Golf patents will allow the company to add sensors, such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, onto the club itself in order to track the data of each individual swing. The results will then be shown on a screen located on the back of the clubface. Practicality aside, the idea behind the initiative is to provide users with a more accurate way of determining what kind of clubs, in this case, Nike Golf clubs, will be right for them.

“Custom fitting is outdated, and can be inaccurate,” Nike wrote in documents posted on the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark club patent

Text from Nike’s filing: “Golf club heads having sensors configured to measure one or more swing parameters are provided. The golf club head may include several gyroscopes and accelerometers. In one embodiment, the club head contains three gyroscopes that measure angular rate data along different orthogonal axes. At least one gyroscope may an analog gyroscope. Accelerometers may provide data regarding the three orthogonal axes associated with the gyroscopes. The club head may further include software and/or hardware that perform computer-executed methods for determining one or more swing parameters. Exemplary club heads may include a display device for displaying an output of the swing parameter(s). Further aspects of the invention relate to novel methods and algorithms for calculating measurements relating to the swing parameters.”

Seems as though Nike found a way to depress Hackers during and after a round. Living through shanking your three iron into a water hazard was bad enough, now you can re-watch your failures over and over again.

What inventions do you think would help your golf game? Maybe something like this?

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Disney Does It Again

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creative cake designinteractive cakesunique cake design

Disney is known for taking things to whole new dimensions; so what’s next on their list? Cakes! As you can see below in the sketches sent to the U.S. Patent Office, it appears Disney has found a way create interactive 3-D cakes. These cakes will have a built-in pico projector that will tell a story as you slice and serve it to your guests. Birthday, sweet sixteen and wedding cakes will never be the same!

Disney interactive cakes  projector cake design

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Behold, The William

General Design, Industrial Design, Product Design

Check out the video to see why The William makes more sense than a traditional stove top range. Based on concentrated, precisely heated panels, this cooktop has it all — touch screen operation, flush, flat surface…. well, just take a look.

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Modernized Design: German Sushi Roller

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

modern product designkitchen gadget designproduct developmentmodernized product designnew inventionhome invention designGerman innovationinnovative product designnew product

I know that sushi is a traditional Japanese food, but look what a German design firm has done to bring the process of making sushi into the 21st century. This is a great new application to an established mechanism used to roll tobacco, but it is still clever. 

Now anyone can roll sushi, or anything for that matter. I’d love to try to roll a few desserts, or make lasagna rolls, with this!

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Dutch Hot Tub

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grid wood fire hot tubhot tub design

This ingenious hot tub is getting some attention because it is off the grid, mobile, lightweight and well, just awesome. Firewood is placed within the coil of pipes and set aflame. When the water heats, it creates a circulation of hot water. Made of poly-fiber and stainless steel, this portable hot tub is shown on a canoe, tied to the roof of the car and in remote places where you normally can’t find a hot tub – until now. 

hot tub productdutch hot tub design

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