Peek-A-Boo Apron

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Cook time, measuring reference, numeric conversions and glossary; this apron has it all. I don’t think there is a faster way to reference something while in the kitchen than to wear this apron.

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Culinary Design: Cheese Shavings

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

The art of making food has gone to a new level. These chili, pesto and truffle flavored cheese sticks are designed to be turned like a pencil in a sharpener.

Each flavor can be seen as the ‘lead’ of the pencil, and the cheese is shown as the ‘wood’ of the pencil. What a very creative way to create a dish.
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Spring Kitchen Gadgets

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kitchen gadgetunique product design

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Here is the lineup of colorful kitchen gadgets that you can find at Sur La Table.  Accordion-style icing tubes, garlic choppers, onion holders and graters — all in fresh vivid colors for spring.  Never underestimate the powerful use of color in kitchen designs.

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Andy Warhol Would Be Proud of these Summer Products


Bodum, known for its innovative product design around the kitchen, has ventured outdoors. Onto the patio to be exact. This new line of FRYKAT picnic grills are as simple as can be, and they come in a variety of vibrant colors


These double walled ice buckets are an example of timeless product design, with a splash of color and a see-through design.



Tea For One, this all-in-one glass and strainer has just enough color to show off the product while displaying the tea inside.

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Things Around the Kitchen

Product Design, Product Innovation

Kitchen gadgets never get old, so here are five kitchen tools to make cooking easier, better or just plain cooler.

Grating bucket designKuhn Rikon Herb ChopperCalzone Mold

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