Fire and Light

General Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design

This is a unique technique to shape the glass bulb of a tripod light.  Described as a dramatic waltz in fire and smoke, this is part of a graduation project titled “The Fifth Element.”

glass design

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Mountain Coasters and Alpine Slides

General Design, Industrial Design, Uncategorized

industrial design

Who says skis and snowboards are the only way down a mountain? Check out these Alpine Slides and Mountain Coasters, the perfect way to zip and curve downhill, no matter what time of year it is. These open air, gravity fed attractions are popping up everywhere and they look to be as fun as anything I have ever seen.

rollercoaster designinnovative designunique designproduct design

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Amphibious Design: Sealander

General Design, Industrial Design, Innovators & Creators

camping design

Hauling both a camper and a boat out for a weekend on the lake can be rough! German-based industrial designer Daniel Straub created a solution… the Sealander.

boat designproduct designinnovative design

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Designer Profiles, General Design, Product Innovation

creative treehouse
No need for a translation, I can see through the international language of design that this workspace is awesome! After seeing past the rustic outside shell of this studio, I’m struck by the tranquil, cool blue interior. Great contrast.

architectural designunique designbuilding design

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Bike Vending Machine

General Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

unique design

bike vending machine

product design
bike station

bike designs

With more and more bike paths being created, it would be nice to see stations like this around.  This work station makes good use of a traditional vending machine.  It’s a combination bike rack and supply vending machine.

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