Product Innovation: VW Bike

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VW bike

VW has revealed its newest transportation design: the bicycle. This foldable, compact electric bike has a range of a little over 12 miles, and cruises at a little over 12 mph. It derives its energy from the vehicle, not needing to plug into a socket or be removed from the vehicle to charge. I hope this concept becomes a reality.

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Beautiful Beverage: Drink Package Designs

Product Innovation, package design

Whether it is the use of the drink color, the material of the bottle or even the graphics of the labeling, these bottles are great examples of creative packaging.

glori juice drink package designlanjaron bottle designunique bottle designenvapack design green bottle designsoda bottle designpepsi raw bottle

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Breathable Baby Mattress Design

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Pebble, the breathable sleep surface by Nook, has got a really good thing going on. They have designed a soft, asymmetrical mattress surface with enough nooks and crannies to provide airflow for infants so you need not worry when you lay your baby down at night.

Named for the appearance of its functional, textured surface, Pebble is a very responsible design for parents everywhere. Oh, and it is washable, breathable, non-toxic and has a wool fire barrier, as well.

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Speedy Delivery

General Design

In with the new…   

Out with the old.

FedEx will be replacing a limited number of delivery vans in its fleet in Los Angeles this summer. They have reported that they will be introducing a few electric vehicles in order to save energy costs and fuel consumption of their land deliveries. 

The new trucks look sleek and are probably a little quieter, and the price tag is a little heftier. I like it, and I hope it works out so that a larger number of these new vehicles can be introduced outside of the Los Angeles area.

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PostGarden: The Pop up Postcard Garden

General Design, Product Design

pop-up gardenhouse garden city garden

Send it, seed it and water it. Have your own scaled-down version of a backyard garden in about a week. Cityscape, rural greenhouse or botanical palace; you can choose to grow your green wherever you want.

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