Sweet Musical Sounds

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Do you remember the days of making sweet music with your elementary school issued recorder? Those days don’t need to be a thing of the past thanks to design lab, Generally and Especially. They have developed an environmentally sound campaign to repurpose empty Coke bottles and make them into musical instruments. So, after you enjoy a refreshing Coca Cola, skip the garbage can and go straight to the bandstand with a new and improved recorder.

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Jewelry Design: Coin Rings

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jewelry design

repurposed designcoin designunique jewelry designrecycled designcreative ring design

These custom coin rings are a clever way to pound out currency into wearable art.  The creations come from a Columbus Ohio Etsy seller who has made a variety of wearable coins.  The greatest detail is that the coin’s icon images are still viewable, even after a good pounding!

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Product Design: Worth Its Weight In Oil

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product design

This synthetic sponge has a quality that absorbs oil, not water.  Designed by Abtech, this material can be used in oil spills and water pollution by absorbing up to three times its weight in hydrocarbons.  Not only does it absorb oils and grease, it can be molded into any shape possible.

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Eco-Friendly Design: Smart Spray Bottle

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eco-friendly spray bottle

 green productseco-friendly designproduct innovationspray bottle designnew product designcleaning solution bottle design

Going green can mean different things to many companies. Replenish has taken the term as a challenge to redesign the spray bottle. They do this by looking at how the traditional spray bottle is used. Companies usually fill any cheap plastic bottle near-full of water, add a little concentrated cleaning solution and ship it for retail sale. 

Replenish has designed a bottle that you fill with your own water, add your own cleaning concentrate as needed and then spray away. This eliminates volumes of water being shipped, makes bottles easy to customize with your own cleaning solution and it even ships for free to your home. So is this as green as it gets?

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Fresh Talent In Bloom

Graphic Design

               Ohio buy local 

One of the better things about this time of year, besides the weather, is all of the talent that seems to be popping up. School is quickly coming to an end for many students, and graduation makes for a fresh picking of creative types from everywhere. 

Here are some impressive student graphics I was able to find online, which are really effective when viewed by businesses looking to add fresh talent right out of school. Take a look for yourself!

apple poster    graphic design peach


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