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With a computer program for every kind of design these days, it is nice to see someone using markers and x-acto blades to design.  This guy has skills!

Read more:  http://extend-graphics.com/the-creative-illustrations-of-book-williams-jr/

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Scrubbing Stickers

General Design, Graphic Design, Product Design

label design

These fruit stickers are made of a water soluble organic scrubbing soap, perfect for removing pesticides, wax, dirt and fungicides. They even can be printed with product codes and logos.

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Carving Creativity

General Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Product Design

creative products
What an impressive way to sell the Sharp brand of blades by WMF knives. Fine art and fine fruits, together at last.
product design

advertising design

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Logo Design: At First Glance

General Design, Graphic Design

Logos are a big deal, especially because they are often the first image your audience will see — that one chance to make your mark and grab their attention. These well-designed logos are great examples of capturing the essence of a business’s work and creating something that speaks volumes at a glance.

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Peeling Away Layers

General Design, Graphic Design, Innovators & Creators

painting design

This video shows an orange being painted as if it were peeled away.  As the artist progresses, the inside of the orange is exposed — each peel is pulled back, until finally, the only thing left shown is a single slice.

creative ideainnovative art designunique paintinggraphic design

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