Unique Design: The Clothespin

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Who would have ever thought there were so many ways to use a simple clothespin.  Whether a functional use of the pinching clip or a public art display — these are some really unique ways to showcase a clothespin.

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Graffiti Design

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Check out how this guy created an automated device to create vivid rainbows on drab buildings. This detailed video shows the device being set up, turned on and taken for a spin. Clever contraption and great video editing technique.

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Packing A Creative Punch

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Unless you’re an avid scrapbooker or keep everything in 3-ring binders, you’ve probably never had a need for a hole punch. That may no longer be true. These creative punches allow you to make staple-less paper bindings, homemade guitar picks, unique buttons, and even straw-friendly bottle caps.

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iPod Touch Taken Down and Torn Apart

General Design, Industrial Design

Not even a day into Apple having the new iPod Touch on the market, iFixit has torn it apart, assessed the internal hardware, photographed every detail of it and provided written documentation of all the tools and step-by-step instructions needed to repair it — all within hours!  This website is a goldmine for curious people interested in the parts and pieces that make up their favorite devices.

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Simple Design: Sealing In The Freshness

General Design, Product Design

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After lifting a cap from a bottled drink, you don’t have a way to reseal it, as with a twist cap bottle.  For those of you who enjoy a local brew or specialty soda from a glass bottle, here is a little gadget for you to keep in your pocket at the next party. Beer Savers flex over the opening of a bottle to keep the contents fresh, while also helping to identify your drink. Cool and colorful, I’m sure I’ll see one of these somewhere this summer.

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