Making Handmade Art, Literally


Alex Solis, a talented artist from Chicago, had an idea to incorporate his hands into his imaginative illustrations.

This creative idea incorporates something as basic as an unfinished illustration and brings it to life with interactive actions.

These creations are a form of live art that requires Solis’ imagination and creativity to first draw the illustrations and then to complete the artwork with the use of his hands.

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Little Free Library

Innovators & Creators

This is the best way to store and display books for a little library that I have ever seen.

Peek in, pull out a book, and duck out to lend a book!


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Unique Underwater Inspired Lights

General Design, Photography, Product Innovation

Davison Creators - Jellyfish LightsDavison Creators - Jellyfish Lights 2Davison Creators - Jellyfish Lights 3

Does the frozen lull of the winter months have you yearning for a more tropical landscape?  Now, you can transform your interior into a serene underwater experience with these intricate jellyfish hanging lights.

Fabricated by Roxy Russel Design, these beautiful beasts of the deep sea are made out of eco-friendly materials such as translucent mylar.  So, while you admire your luminescent sea creature, you can rest assured knowing that a percentage of the profits are donated to the Ocean Conservatory.

There is just one question left to ask: “How long until summer?”

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Mini Nano Case

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design, Product Innovation, Uncategorized

I can’t think of a smoother way to pop an iPod Nano out of your pocket.  This scaled down little black book case takes miniature to another level.

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True Life Colors

General Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Product Design

Have you ever seen a color in nature that you wish was on the tip of a pen, or splashed onto the head of a brush? Faber-Castell did a wonderful job of blending their product and photographs to create a great advertising campaign that shows exactly what influenced the palette in their line of color pencils. Brilliant colors, brilliant creative work!

unique advertisingcreative adsmarketing creativeinnovative idea

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