Making Handmade Art, Literally


Alex Solis, a talented artist from Chicago, had an idea to incorporate his hands into his imaginative illustrations.

This creative idea incorporates something as basic as an unfinished illustration and brings it to life with interactive actions.

These creations are a form of live art that requires Solis’ imagination and creativity to first draw the illustrations and then to complete the artwork with the use of his hands.

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Single Line Icons

Graphic Design

These are awesome drawings of famous pop culture icons, and each was done with one single line.

My only question is, how does an artist known for great work with a single line sign their work without a single line signature?


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Refrigerator Art

General Design

This is literally refrigerator art, drawn right onto the door of the freezer.  I guess when you are creative, you just can’t help yourself!


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Sea Pink

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design

Swiss artist Marc Moser in Aarhus, Denmark has created a way for everyone to see life through the same lens – a pink one.
This sculpture is a very cool interactive piece for everyone to enjoy.


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Old School Illustrating

Design Tools, Graphic Design, Innovators & Creators

Design Tools 
Innovative Design

Creative Design

Graphic Design


With a computer program for every kind of design these days, it is nice to see someone using markers and x-acto blades to design.  This guy has skills!

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