Peeling Posters

Graphic Design

These 2 sided posters are clever in how they roll up to create a cone with a flavor inside.


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Branding the POTUS

General Design, Graphic Design

davison creators presidents 1

davison creators presidents 2

davison creators presidents 3

davison creators presidents 4

davison creators presidents 5

davison creators presidents 6

Branding is an edge in campaigning that we take for granted in this time of great communication and mass media, but some of our past presidents were not so lucky.

Based on their legends, both kind and unkind, these brands were created for past POTUS by artist Meg Jannott.


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Old School Illustrating

Design Tools, Graphic Design, Innovators & Creators

Design Tools 
Innovative Design

Creative Design

Graphic Design


With a computer program for every kind of design these days, it is nice to see someone using markers and x-acto blades to design.  This guy has skills!

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Do You See What I See?

Designer Profiles, General Design, Graphic Design

This interactive website uses your cursor to transform a single dot, into a cluster of dots that eventually transform into a picture of a koala bear. This is the work of Vadim Ogievetsky of Stanford University, who uses computer science to illustrate ideas and statistics.

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Fire and Light

General Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design

This is a unique technique to shape the glass bulb of a tripod light.  Described as a dramatic waltz in fire and smoke, this is part of a graduation project titled “The Fifth Element.”

glass design

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