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Josh Keyes has created an entire collection of paintings mixing wildlife and city ruins. These are a few new paintings, along with some past works.

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Viscurrealistic Fabrications

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Innovative Art

Ron Ulicny has created an entire line of work that has really captured my attention.  He has a very clever approach in the arrangement of parts and pieces to create art.

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Do You See What I See?

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This interactive website uses your cursor to transform a single dot, into a cluster of dots that eventually transform into a picture of a koala bear. This is the work of Vadim Ogievetsky of Stanford University, who uses computer science to illustrate ideas and statistics.

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Off the Wall Artwork

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3d art

Japanese designer, Yuki Matsueda, has brought a whole new meaning to 3D art. His unique collection brings new life to common objects, such as eggs, cards, and exit signs.

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Designer Profile: Wim Delvoye

Designer Profiles, General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

Belgian artist, Wim Delvoye, is known for creating everyday items into artistic masterpieces.Take a look at the intricate detail in his latest collection of sculptured tires.

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