Monthly Archive: May 2013

3D Printing Without Boundaries

This machine uses an articulating arm to create three-dimensional objects on any surface, independently of a build platform.  Using an innovative extrusion technology, it is to neutralize the effect of gravity during the course...

Grate Business Card

Is this a business card, or a cheese grater? This is actually a business card that I would mind keeping in my wallet. Source:

Refrigerator Art

This is literally refrigerator art, drawn right onto the door of the freezer.  I guess when you are creative, you just can’t help yourself! Source:


Now this is how you design a kitchen tool.  This small series of images shows how this egg separating whisk was designed, with simplicity and user interface leading the way. Source:

Props to Keyprop

Just when you think the market is over-saturated with hackneyed designs for smart phones, this pops up on Kickstarter. Designed to pop into the 3.5mm jack of your smartphone, this prop even stores on...