Shades of Brown


These wood grain matching power strips are a great way to blend your home electronics into your home décor.

Made to camouflage the power strip, opposed to the bright white or dull black variety you may be used to, Invisiplug does the job.


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The Butler

General Design

When I arrive home, my first instinct is to empty my pockets of the essentials that I need throughout my day- keys, phone, wallet. The Butler is a nesting place for these few things, holding them in place until you venture out again. As you push your iPhone through the slot, you slide out a concealed ledge, and convert the Butler to wall clock. What a very clever way to display your everyday essentials.


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Charge Card

General Design

These wallet-friendly, card-sized chargers make keeping a charge easy while away from your home or office.

Pluck it out of your wallet, flip back the USB charger, plug it in and charge! Smart and easy, a great combination for good design.

Oh, and by the way, this was a Kickstarter project that was fully funded, so you missed out on the crownfunded discount price.

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Sky Art

Graphic Design, Innovators & Creators, Photography

Roots Art has created some fantastic illustrations, placed over images that feature unique negative space between buildings.

Each image compliments the character of the building type, and allows viewers to see some otherwise ordinary views into the sky.

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Wooden Knives

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

What a clever way to design a cleaver.

These lightweight wooden knives are the work of FCRL [ ] and feature a sharp polished blade for precision cutting.

It appears as if the traditional cutting board has evolved into this handled blade.

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