WHALE WATCHING – Modern Vase Design by Alessandro Beda

General Design, Product Design

whale vaseflower vasedesigner vases

These whale vases appear to be swimming through a desk.  The two piece creation of Alessandro Bêda also gives the impression that the flowers are flying out of the blowhole like water.


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Sun Charger

Product Design

Peel away the liner, and press this solar charger to your window and have a place to charge your phone in the sun.

I would love to plop this onto my car window to charge as I drive!


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Peeling Posters

Graphic Design

These 2 sided posters are clever in how they roll up to create a cone with a flavor inside.


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Junk Food Clothing

General Design, package design

The package design makes the product sometimes, and this is one of those times.
Packaged in over-sized nostalgic frozen treat packaging, who could resist such a sweet line of clothing?

Source: http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2012/8/16/johnny-cupcakes-junk-food-clothing.html

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Trust in Advertising

package design

Sometimes don’t you just wish it said right on the package what the product offers?
There’s no confusing it with these kitchenware items… it says it right on the package what each simple tool does.

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