Information through Illustration

General Design

Money as you grow is a collection of resources and advice for young people to understand in order to better manage money, including credit and debt.

Bored already?  I understand.  Now click onto this website,, and click around to see illustrations and links with built in calculators for better money management.  Life’s better when illustrated, isn’t it?

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3D Painting

General Design

Sometimes art just seems to flow right off of the canvas, and in this case, it literally does.
Artist Gregory Euclide has carried the work of a fine art painting, and spilled it into a 3D form.

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Branding the POTUS

General Design, Graphic Design

davison creators presidents 1

davison creators presidents 2

davison creators presidents 3

davison creators presidents 4

davison creators presidents 5

davison creators presidents 6

Branding is an edge in campaigning that we take for granted in this time of great communication and mass media, but some of our past presidents were not so lucky.

Based on their legends, both kind and unkind, these brands were created for past POTUS by artist Meg Jannott.


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General Design, Product Design, package design

With an inherent texture like romaine lettuce, what better use for this leafy green fabric than a lettuce themed umbrella.


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All Around the World

General Design, Photography, Product Innovation

Danish designer Kristoffer Zeuthen has created a globe, constructed of bamboo and lifted with a steel rod post; this globe even features a built-in light.
What a clean looking design, with so much detail.

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