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Do these logos look familiar? 

Look again, because these famous logos have been switched with their famous competitors.  It’s a subtle swapping of some famous fonts and branded colors.  Who’s to say that you don’t see what you really see?

Ahh, the power of advertising…

Read more:  http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2011/07/26/companies-swapped-logos/

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Rubik’s Cube Robot

Innovators & Creators, Product Innovation

Forget having to remember the pattern to solve it the right way, or peeling off every sticker and putting them back on, just drop your Rubik’s Cube into the Cubestormer II. 

I can’t tell if this is a case of really good robotics, or really good CGI; but, I was impressed either way. 

See how the Cubestormer II works here or click on the image below! 

Innovative Technology

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Cacophonic Cycle

Innovators & Creators, Product Design, Product Innovation

Dezeen Space artists/designers have created a bicycle that plays vinyl.

As the video shows, you drop the needle, pedal the bicycle; then, listen as the record plays at the speed of your feet. Described as a “dream in progress,” this design is still in its infancy; but, nonetheless, is very cool.

Innovative Design

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