A Bit of Butter Makes it Better

Design Tools, Photography


Using a peanut butter jar lid, this photographer has documented how to replace a broken camera lens hood.  Cool idea, good video, great editing!

(Source: YouTube)

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Unblock Writer’s Block

Product Design, Product Innovation

Product Design

Innovative Office Supplies


Creative Design

Writing Tools

School Supplies

Innovative Design

There is reason to have writer’s block when you are using these creative journals to capture your ideas.  Write, sketch and doodle your way through a creative idea using this unconventional set of notebooks.

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Skyline Coffee

Product Design, Product Innovation

Kitchen Inventions

This is a very cool coffee mug, made with a fill line that is the skyline.  I don’t know which makes it a little more interesting… the steam or the reflection.

Source:  http://www.likecool.com/Skyline_Mug–Pic–Gear.html

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Rubber Radios

General Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design, Product Innovation

Radio Technology

Innovative Technology

Technological Innovation

These rubber radios are shock resistant, splash proof and even get a decent signal. 

Lexon, a French design company, offers the unique product in every color under the sun.

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A Fistful of Colors

Design Tools, Product Design, Product Innovation

Colored Pencils

Creative Tools

Wearable Art

Fashion Design

Innovative Art

 Jewelry Design


Costume designer Maria Cristina Bellucci has taken colored pencils and made them into jewelry. Each piece is created by shaving down the remnants of used colored pencils, then mounting them together to create jewelry.

Add a little color to what you wear with this variety of wearable art!

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