Daytime Fireworks Display

General Design, Innovators & Creators

Sometimes timing is everything and, in this case, it is in the middle of the afternoon.  This video of fireworks displays in Qatar shows what it looks like to see a full color array of smoke (0:55) as well as a very contrasting burst of black (1:33) all under the sun.

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Inventionland on TV

Industrial Design, Innovators & Creators, Product Design, Product Innovation

For those of you who follow the blog, you may or may not know, but this design blog is authored from Inventionland. Well, Inventionland has gone big time and will be airing as the newest reality TV show on the History Channel Saturday the 24th at noon. So check your local listings and see the world’s most creative workplace, on TV!

History Channel – Check Your Local Listings:

* DirecTV, Channel 269
* Dish Network, Channel 120
* DSTV, Channel 254
* Verizon FiOS, Channel 128 (SD), Channel 628 (HD)
* Time Warner Cable, Channel 40
* Comcast, Varies by Area (75 in parts of Pittsburgh)

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Shoebox Storefront

General Design, Industrial Design, Innovators & Creators

building design

Adidas has used their shoebox as an influence for their newest Buenos Aires store. Laces and all, this 3-stripe storefront is in brand through and through. Very unique!

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Would You Like Cheese With That?

General Design, Product Design, package design

This set of cheeseburger themed gift wrap paper includes a bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a burger. So consider the entire package before you begin to wrap this holiday season and make this year’s gift-giving a treat!

holiday designscreative gift wrap

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Working In a Bubble

General Design, Industrial Design

This workspace was retrofit into a 19th century building in Paris and was designed to have many wood, steel and glass features. Of the unique features are Plexiglas telephone-domes, Ficus Panda trees and a self-cleaning glass roof.
archietectureoffice designunique design

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