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What an impressive way to sell the Sharp brand of blades by WMF knives. Fine art and fine fruits, together at last.
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creative treehouse
No need for a translation, I can see through the international language of design that this workspace is awesome! After seeing past the rustic outside shell of this studio, I’m struck by the tranquil, cool blue interior. Great contrast.

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product design
Each one of these detailed pieces of jewelry makes me hungry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pink grapefruit, waffles and PB&J sandwiches — who cares if they don’t match anything you’re wearing, people should just wear these!

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stationary design

These clever envelopes make static transportation like cars, trains and planes look like they’re zooming with a quick pull of the paper tab. Each mode of transportation, with the pull of the tab, gets an exhaust trail that follows to make it look like it zipped across the page.

Good attention to detail and a creative eye by Matomeno, of Japan.

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The Mona Seat-a

General Design, Product Design, Product Innovation

What do you get when you cross the Mona Lisa and a folding chair?

Not a joke — you get the Mona Lisa Chair, by Kwang Hoo Lee.
If you’re going to fold up a chair, you might as well make it a piece of art, right?chair design

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